Climate crisis:
Buildings contribute around 40% of the UK’s carbon footprint due to low-quality building standards and fossil fuel based heating.
Housing crisis:
At least 3 million new homes must be built until 2040 in a sustainable, energy-efficient way to solve the UK’s housing crisis.
Our mission:
We build carbon neutral, smart homes in harmony with their enviroment.

We build carbon neutral smart buildings in harmony with their environment

ZmartHaus is a UK based property developer with the mission to build carbon neutral smart homes with sustainable, high-quality building materials.  Our properties meet the highest energy-efficiency targets to achieve a zero carbon footprint.

Carbon neutral,
sustainable construction
Efficient, green
electricity and heating
smart home technology
energy and building management
Carbon neutral, sustainable construction

Carbon neutral, sustainable construction

  • We use high-quality, low-carbon building materials, like cross-laminated timber and natural clay plaster, to achieve an outstanding and long-lasting building standard
  • We use off-site construction techniques to limit the environmental impact at the building site and to speed up the building process
Efficient, green electricity and heating

Efficient, green electricity and heating

  • We produce clean electricity from our roof and façade integrated solar panels, which power our highly energy-efficient heating and cooling systems
  • We store excess electricity with our integrated smart battery systems, which dramatically reduces the energy costs
Future-proof smart home technology

smart home technology

  • We use cloud-connectivity for remotely controlling home appliances, like heating or cooling systems, lighting or speaker systems
  • We integrate the main smart home technology provider, like Amazon Alexa or Google Nest, for entertainment and home security integration
Centralised energy and building management

Centralised energy and building management

  • We remotely manage our energy systems by using smart-grid technology to achieve a higher degree of cost-efficiencies
  • We manage and maintain our properties with our partners to guarantee high-quality, long-term living standards for our leaseholders

Our main partners

Q3 Interiors
W&Kreisel GmbH

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